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New Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2014

Written by Felicity Stinson. Posted in Hair Colors

Reinventing your looks is something every woman needs from time to time; most women do this because it helps them feel younger, and may even give them a more positive outlook on life. However, there are also women who like to make changes in their appearance quite often, simply because they get bored of one thing, or because they want to stay trendy all the time. Hair color can make the biggest difference when it comes to analyzing someone’s look, because it is one of the most striking features. Sometimes, it’s enough for a woman to go from normal brown hair to fiery red hair and she’s an entirely different person, suddenly in the center of attention.

If you’re the type of girl or woman who likes to experiment with hair color and are in need of some inspiration, here are the new hair color ideas for the summer of 2014. Unlike previous years, there seems to be more of an inclination towards naturally-looking colors, without so much of that highlighting, ombre treating and tip dip dyeing. Instead, variations on natural colors are encouraged; without further ado, here are the new hair color ideas you could try this year:

New Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2014

  • Rich brunette – Dark hair is always popular, but with the coming of spring and summer, it’s time to add a new layer of shine to your brunette. Take advantage of the summer sun rays and let them reflect warm lights in your hair. So, if you already have brunette hair, just ask your stylist to add a layer of auburn or mahogany over it; the color will stay pretty much the same, but a new level of warmth will be added, making your transformation visible. This color is particularly suitable for darker-skinned women, so whether you’re a bride to be, or just looking for some prom hairstyles for black girls, sporting this color will be a welcomed and intriguing change.

New Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2014

  • Breezy bronze – Variations on ginger red hair have also gained a lot of ground in recent years, and in truth, all the spectrum of red hair colors has been over-used lately. But if you want to maintain your red tresses and follow the trend, then go for a colder nuance of amber. Bronze is a pretentious color, and it will only suit those with light, pale skin; moreover, in winter it can look dull and lackluster, but in summer it will confer you a fresh, cool look.

New Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2014

  • Sandy blonde – While the darker colors get warmer, lighter ones take on metallic and cold nuances. Thus, one of the best new hair color ideas for this summer is sandy beach, another hair color which would look unimpressive during the cold season. In summer however, it is an amazing nuance to wear and it can be adapted to a 20s-inspired look. With this particular hair color, you can opt for highlights or lowlights, to give a bit more texture and depth, especially if you have rare tresses.

These are the main additions to this year’s hair color do’s; you can use them to create your own variations, such as using a golden hue for your rich brunette instead of mahogany. By adding a layer of blonde over your dark hair color, you will obtain a subtle accent that confers richness to your color. Try more natural combinations this year, because they can be paired with more daring makeup and bolder accessory choices.

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